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Batch Selection

Premium Gin

Subtle spice profile

Gold Rose
  • 12 botanicals
  • Ideal Serving: Gin and Tonic with crushed frozen raspberries and lime peel
    • Glass - Large Copa glass
    • A large piece of ice
  • Released on the 1st November 2014

Whinberry Gin

Aged in barrels with Whinberries

Purple Rose
  • 12 botanicals with Whinberries and a minimum of sugar
  • Ideal Serving: Whinberry Whizz
    • 2 ounces Batch Whinberry Gin
    • 2 ounces ginger beer
    • 1/2 ounce simple syrup (optional)
    • shake over ice
    • serve in a tumbler with a slice of lime
  • Released Spring 2017

Organic Vodka

A creamy pure organic vodka

Silver Rose
  • Triple distilled vodka 
  • Ideal Serving: Clean Martini
    • 2 ounces Organic Vodka
    • 1/2 ounce dry Martini
    • shake over ice
    • serve in a martini glass
  • Release: February 2016


Batch initially established a reputation for excellence through the brewing of craft beers, but a chance visit to Spain set us on a path to satisfy a new irresistible passion: Gin.


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Who we are


As a family-based team of dedicated perfectionists our first professional venture into the realms of the drinks industry was with beer, but as our journey progressed and matured we were to discover a new purpose and now revel in the crafting of premium spirits.  We moved production to Burnley in early 2015 following HMRC certification for the new site. 


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Batch's mission


From the very outset our singular ambition was to craft a range of premium handmade spirits for the drinker who loves the difference and now that our first run of Premium Gin is ready, we’ll leave you to enjoy its beautiful flavours and nuanced nature.


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What we do


As a family-based distillery we lovingly craft our spirits in the most intimate batches of captured perfection with no more than 25 litres at a time. Produced and bottled by hand we ensure quality, individuality and as honest an illustration of the distilling art that you’ll ever taste.


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We love our clients


Promised by all, meant by few? But at Batch we truly do love our clients and we always look forward to inviting new and old friends alike to savour the experience of something exciting. With our unique approach to instilling the very essence of what we are in every bottle we know you’ll come to love us too!


Interesting Facts

3 recipes perfected
55  experimental recipes
12 tasty botanicals
120 bottles per run

Batch Background

Absorbed by a highly-sophisticated drinking culture, with its copa-glasses, vast selections of gins and seemingly countless bars --each offering a distinctive take on the flavours and aromas of individual garnishes-- Spain captivated our imagination.

Journeying further into its secrets we learned of Spain’s ancient connections to the Incense Route, laden with its exotic cargoes from the East: Inspiration found! Delicate touches of frankincense and myrrh now sit infused within Batch’s complex taste.

Remarkable in their range of delicate garnishes --from orange segments to fresh basil-- the Spanish’s flair for creativity inspired our very first Ideal Serving: Batch Gin and tonic with crushed raspberries and lime peel.

On our return, energized, sights set, we instinctively knew a new seduction had started and Batch, naturally, has never looked back.

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 Burnley, Lancashire