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Industrial Strength Gin

Industrial Strength Gin

SFWSC 2018 Double Gold and Best Gin £42.00 Shop Now
Signature Gin

Signature Gin

Distilled with frankincense & myrrh £37.00 Shop Now
Whinberry Gin

Whinberry Gin

Barrel aged with whinberries £42.00 Shop Now
We select the finest ingredients and quality botanicals to create unique flavours and refreshing spirits.
cloves Cloves
orange Orange Peel
myrrh Myrrh
Coriander Seeds
Angelica Root
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About Us

Batch is a family business working with companies who share the same ethos; regional and sustainable production of top quality products. Batch’s custom-made still, Adrian, was manufactured on our doorstep in Manchester, our bottles are custom-made in Leeds and our labels are produced in the same mill where our spirits are distilled.

Batch’s commitment to high-quality products is evident throughout the range, central to which is Batch Signature Gin. This fresh, subtly spiced gin, inspired by Far Eastern flavours, is a base for experimentation and developing other Batch spirits.

Distilled in Burnley, Lancashire, Batch spirits are crafted in small quantities; producing no more than 240 bottles at a time, each of which is filled and signed by hand.

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Batch’s Induction into The Gin Guild

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