Our Story

Our production began in the basement of a terraced house in Burnley, Lancashire. We are still based in the same town but now distill our spirits in a renovated mill. Batch supplies the boutique supermarket, Booths, and countless bars and restaurants across the country. Today we continue to experiment with flavours and recipes to bring you new and interesting spirits.

November 2011 The Beginning

Batch Brew Limited originally began producing bottled craft beers in Winchester, selling to local bars and restaurants in Hampshire. We had three beers in our range; Black Lager, Wheat Beer and American Pale Ale. The Wheat Beer (pictured) was the very first Batch product.

November 2012 Progress

We received our first HMRC Distiller’s License. To say this was a small operation would be an under-statement, however with low overheads it gave us plenty of time to work perfect our recipe. Taking our inspiration from our travels we experimented with interesting botanicals, perfecting the recipe for Lancashire’s first gin.

February 2015 Basement Basics

After discovering a second basement in now-Head-Distiller Ollie’s house, we began regularly producing Batch Signature Gin. With everyone involved still working full-time however, gin production was restricted to the evenings and all wages were paid in gin!

April 2015 Manchester Gin Festival

After three exhausting days of talking, drinking and pouring gin we were convinced there was a good audience for Batch Signature Gin in the North West. Shortly before the event we received confirmation of winning a silver medal, awarded at the San Francisco World Spirit Competition – further evidence that we were on to a good thing.

May 2016 Batch and Booths

After nearly a year of letting demand build naturally without any advertising or marketing we agreed a deal with Booths Country – a boutique supermarket. Working with Booths took our gin to a much wider audience. Emma and her Dad, Steve, promoted our gin across various Booths stores in the North West.

August 2016 Making a Move

Working with two stills, producing around 80 bottles per run and constructing pallets of over 400 bottles in the back street, it was clear we had outgrown the basement space! We moved premises into renovated Habergham Mill and concreted our committed to staying in Burnley.

November 2016 Introducing Adrian

Struggling to find a UK based still manufacturer, we commissioned a Manchester based engineering company to custom build Adrian; a 165 liter still, with a column so tall we needed to alter the roof in the distillery. Producing six times more spirit per run than our original small stills, we now have the capacity to run Adrian alongside four of our original stills.

December 2016 Batch Whinberry Gin

New premises allowed us branch further into the gin industry. A local berry, the whinberry (a.k.a. bilberry), was chosen as the focal point for our second gin. We steep the berries with a minimum of sugar to create our award-winning Whinberry Gin. Awarded silver at the 2017 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Whinberry Gin is bold and unique.

March 2017 Batch Organic Vodka

In 2017 we introduced the third product, Batch Organic Vodka, into our range. The purity required for a high quality vodka was a relatively simple task thanks to the efficient column still of Adrian. Using only the purest organic grain grown in the UK, we created a smooth, pure vodka that’s perfect in a martini.

September 2017 Whinberry Gin - The Cognac Edition

Taking inspiration again form our travels, we purchased a 3200-liter former Cognac barrel, during a family holiday to France. We began distilling a limited release version of our Whinberry Gin, using whinberries picked by local residents. The Cognac Edition launched in November 2017.

December 2017 Craft Gin Club

During this month, we appeared as Craft Gin Club’s December gin – fulfilling the largest order in the history of Batch! We were delighted that so many people got to try our gin over Christmas 2017 and we were blown away by the tremendous feedback from Craft Gin Club members.

2018 onwards Innovation Releases

Batch HQ is a hub for experimentation, and we continue to develop only the best spirits to sit in our range. Still inspired by our travels, we continue to bring back interesting flavours and use these to stimulate new creations. Every month we will launch an Innovation Release. January 2018 will see the first; Buddhas Hand. This will be followed by Batch Sherry Cask Rum in February 2018. For more details see here.

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