Batch Innovations

Batch HQ is a hub for experimentation. Inspired by our travels and paired with the passion of Batch's Head Distiller to create unique, hand-crafted spirits, we introduce Batch Innovations; a monthly release of limited edition craft spirits.

Only the finest ingredients will be used in our monthly, limited release Innovations and where appropriate, some will be aged in casks. Producing a maximum of 200 bottles, each will be labelled and numbered by hand. Every 70cl bottle will showcase a new design, some created by a local artist – a must-have in any collector's cabinet.

The majority of the Innovations will be gin but we are developing rum and vapour-infused vodka, plus a list that is continually evolving. Innovation #1 serves as inspiration for the coming year: “The path is the goal”, and 2018 will bring 12 unmissable way-markers in the craft spirits revolution. Sign up now.

You can sign up for Batch Innovations at any point throughout the year. Your subscription will run from the month you sign up until December 2018.


Innovation #1: January 2018 Buddha's Hand Gin

This exquisite gin is an exploration of Chinese botanicals. It incorporates some classic Chinese flavours on a well balanced, dry gin “rootstock”.  The botanicals include Buddha’s hand, a unique citrus fruit, and Sichuan pepper; flavours familiar to the Chinese palate but newly balanced with juniper and coriander seeds.

Innovation #2: February 2018 Industrial Strength Gin

The normal description for this gin would be ‘Navy Strength’ but as a nod to Burnley’s industrial heritage (and lack of a port!) we are calling this beauty Industrial Strength. The artwork on the label is provided by local artist, Bodie Cameron.


Innovation #3: March 2018 Sherry Cask Rum

The Caribbean is the obvious home of great rum, but the essential flavour of any golden rum comes from barrel ageing.  Batch Sherry Cask Rum, a white rum, has been aged in a PX sherry barrel for 12 months, giving a unique twist on a golden rum.

Batch Innovations #4-12

Over the remaining months Batch will release a further nine revolutionary craft spirits. In no order they will include a range of gins;  Absinthe, Lime Leaf, Jasmine Tea, Halloween Edition and Pear & Sweet Cinnamon, a Gin Rummy and a range of infused vodkas; Betel Nut, Hops and a special edition Vodka developed by Batch’s Apprentice Distiller.

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