Batch Innovations

Batch HQ is a hub for experimentation. Inspired by our travels and paired with the passion of Batch's Head Distiller to create unique, hand-crafted spirits, we introduce Batch Innovations; a monthly release of limited edition craft spirits.

Only the finest ingredients will be used in our monthly limited release Innovations and where appropriate, some will be aged in casks. Producing a maximum of 200 bottles, each will be labelled and numbered by hand. Every 70cl bottle will showcase a new design – a must-have in any collector's cabinet. The majority of the Innovations will be gin but we are developing rum and vapour-infused vodka, plus a list that is continually evolving. Innovation 1 serves as inspiration for the coming year: “The path is the goal”, and 2018 will bring 12 unmissable way-markers in the craft spirits revolution.

Innovation #1: January 2018 Buddha's Hand Gin

This exquisite gin is an exploration of Chinese botanicals. It incorporates some classic Chinese flavours on a well balanced, dry gin “rootstock”.  The botanicals include Buddha’s hand, a unique citrus fruit, and Sichuan pepper; flavours familiar to the Chinese palate but newly balanced with juniper and coriander seeds.

Innovation #2: February 2018 Sherry Cask Rum

The Caribbean is the obvious home of great rum, but the essential flavour of any golden rum comes from barrel ageing.  Batch Sherry Cask Rum, a white rum, has been aged in a PX sherry barrel for 12 months, giving a unique twist on a golden rum.

Innovation #3: March 2018 Industrial Strength Gin

The normal description for this gin would be ‘Navy Strength’ but as a nod to Burnley’s industrial heritage (and lack of a port!) we are calling this beauty Industrial Strength. The artwork on the label is provided by local artist, Bodie Cameron.


Batch Innovations #4-12

Over the remaining months Batch will release a further nine revolutionary craft spirits. In no order they will include a range of gins;  Absinthe, Lime Leaf, Jasmine Tea, Halloween Edition and Pear & Sweet Cinnamon, a Gin Rummy and a range of infused vodkas; Betel Nut, Hops and a special edition Vodka developed by Batch’s Apprentice Distiller.

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