Apprentice’s Vodka

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Apprentice‘s Vodka is a fruity vodka distilled with apple, raspberry, blueberry and vanilla. Distilled by Batch's Apprentice, under the watchful eye of our Head Distiller, this vodka is extremely smooth and showcases an up and coming talent! Enjoy mixed with soda and a sweet syrup or in any classic, sweet vodka-based cocktail
Apprentice's Serve

50ml Apprentice's vodka
25ml Jeffrey's Yarrow, Rosehip and Elderflower Syrup
125ml soda

Fill a glass with ice, add the vodka, top up with soda and add the syrup, Garnish with raspberries.

Vodka and Tonic 

50ml Apprentice's Vodka
15oml Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic

Fill a glass with ice, add the vodka. Top up with tonic and garnish with berries.

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